Our process is fully designed to give you that sublime experience from start to finish. On receipt of the notification that you have fully paid for your order, we quickly ship the products to you within a 24 hour window. However, we must state that in the event where one of the products you picked is out of stock; we will send you a mail to either get it replaced or get your full refund. The full refund for the products that we do not have in stock includes the price of the cloth and the shipping fees. Conversely, if you choose to replace the cloth that is out of stock; it may lead to your paying a higher fee if the price of the new product you picked is not the same with the old one.

When your money is refunded; it is usually credited to your account in Jacob Chiron. You can request for it to be moved to your Paypal account if you so desire. Each shipping consignment takes about 4 to 9 business days for you to get the product. We do not ship products on a public holiday and if there is a public holiday at your end; it can affect the number of days your product spends in transit before it gets to you. We have ensured that each of the logistics and channels that we operate will help to deliver your clothes to you at the fastest possible time. We implore you to exercise patience if there is a delay due to the points that we have already highlighted.

As a way of keeping the shipping costs at a very fair rate, we have two express postal services that we engage. We use the standard channels to ensure that you are not paying exorbitant rates when you make a request. On the other hand, we have seen customers who request for a particular postal agency to be used in shipping their goods. This can be worked out by our team but the extra charges will reflect in the final payment that you will make. When you are just buying one or two pieces of cloth, we advise that you use the conventional postal system as this will keep things at a very affordable rate for you.

At Jacob Chiron, we pride ourselves in running one of the most effective delivery systems. We know that our customers deserve peace of mind each time they shop with us. This is why we go the extra mile to effect speed and precision as we deliver our quality goods to them.


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