Order Guideline

We have created a simple step by step system that allows anyone who comes on our platform to enjoy the best experience. You need to sign up with Jacob Chiron in order to have access to our products. Here is a quick run-through of what you need to do in order to get the most out of this channel:

1. Sign up for a new account or you can sign in if you already have an existing account

2. Browse for the clothes you want, select them and add to cart. Follow this process till you pick all the clothes that you desire.

3. You can use Paypal or Western Union to make payment for the total value of the goods that you have purchased which includes shipping.

4. After the payment has been received on our system, it will show ‘’PAID’’ on your dashboard.

5. Allow for a reasonable time for the goods that you have ordered to be processed.

6. It can take from 1-30days for you to get your products as a result of various countries postal system, airline connections and other logistics.

7. You are free to order as little or as many clothes as you want. We do not place any limits on our customers. You can also take advantage of our discount policy.

We thank you for giving us the great privilege of serving you. As a way of helping you explore a dynamic shopping experience, we have highlighted the various metrics for picking the right clothe and size below.
Detailed Measurement for Adult Clothes

(1) Tops
1. Size = (x)
2. Shoulder width = (x) cm
3. Sleeve length = (x) cm
4. Bust = (x) cm
5. Hem/Lap width = (x) cm
6. Total length = (x) cm

(2) Pants / Denims
1. Size = (x)
2. Waist = (x) cm
3. Length between waist & hips = (x) cm
4. Hips = (x) cm
5. Hem Width = (x) cm
6. Total length = (x) cm

(3) Coat (Anchor)
1. Size = (x)
2. Bust = (x) cm
3. Length = (x) cm

(4) Skirts (Anchor)
1. Size = (x)
2. Waist = (x) cm
3. Hips = (x) cm
4. Total length = (x) cm

(5) Dress
1. Size = (x)
2. (a) Shoulder = (x) cm
3. (b) Bust = (x) cm
4. (c) Waist = (x) cm
5. (d) Hips = (x) cm
6. (e) Total length = (x) cm

l Body Measurement
1. Height = (x) cm
2. Bust = (x) cm
3. Under Bust = (x) m
4. Waist = (x) m
5. Hips = (x) cm


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