PRIVACY POLICY (Collecting Information)

With each use of our online shopping channel, you are authorizing us to collect your detail which enables us to:
Process your order
Process your membership registration
Facilitate the service you get from our customer support channels
Send you promotional materials
Help us to identify you on our forum
Assist us in calculating commissions for wholesale/review, drop ship and affiliate programs
Verify your identity with our payment partners


. Registered email
. Password
. Username
. IP Address
. The Date and Time of Registration
. The URL you requested
. Your paypal account name and your paypal e-mail address
. Your paypal shipping address and other information

The reason why we need this information is to increase our professional engagement with you. It helps us send you promotional materials, newsletters,

discounts, update you on information that we consider beneficial to you and so much more. You can choose to unsubscribe to our newsletters anytime that you desire. Our quest is to ensure that the customer experience that we give you is second to none. We hold the ace in ensuring that each time you shop for your choice clothes, you encounter a breathtaking experience from start to finish.
We must emphasize that no one has access to your password including our staff. We have secured our URL and servers to keep you protected. Each of the information we receive is channeled to create the utmost benefit for you.
In line with our Company philosophy, we are open to handle any queries you may have. Quickly send us a message and we will be glad to clarify any grey areas that may be of concern to you. Our contact details are well highlighted for your use. Thank you for making the Jacob Chiron online shopping channel your brand of choice.


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