Process Time

Once you have made full payment for any of our choice products, it takes about 1 or 2 business days for us to execute your order and dispatch the goods to you. This is because we run a system that addresses each request on a First come first served basis. If the products you request are very few, they can be shipped to you within 24 hours. However, if you order lots of products, it will take some time for us to process it. The goal in our system is to ensure that each of your requests is properly captured and shipped to you at very decent rates. We have professionals that are running this system and their objective is to put a smile on your face.

In the event where the product you requested is out of stock, it may take us 72 hours to be able to handle your shipping. This gives you time to either pick a new product as replacement or get a full refund for the product that was not processed. It is important to mention that we stock a wide range of products. This is why it may be impossible to properly capture the right inventory at each point in time. We do our best to ensure that what we place on our website reflects what we have in stock. In the case where there is a discrepancy, we try to notify our customers as soon as possible.

Our system for communicating with our clients who have placed an order is via mail. We advise that you keep tabs with the messages that we send to your mail as we will notify you if any product you have requested is out of stock. We emphasize the options of having the product replaced or you can get a full refund. This single issue can define how fast the clothes you request will be dispatched to you. Our desire is to keep upholding the standard of excellence that has earned us a huge following among many people across the globe. It is part of our business philosophy to ensure that the things that happen behind the scene also help in enhancing your shopping experience.

We sincerely wish to apologize for any delay that may arise as a result of a product you chose being out of stock. In order to reiterate our channel of giving you prompt and seamless deliveries, here is a quick reminder:

1. Products which are out of stock qualifies you for a full refund of the shipping fee and the cost of the clothe.

2. Items which are out of stock can be replaced by another product that you desire. All you need to do is to send us the item code of the new product. It is vital to mention that the extra cost that accrues from the price difference of the new product will be reflected in the final charge given to you.

3. The refund for the out of stock clothes will be placed in your account with Jacob Chiron. You can use it to make an order anytime you want to make a fresh purchase. On the other hand, you can make a formal request to move it to your Paypal account.

If you have any queries concerning any of our systems, you can send us a quick message and we will be glad to address your concerns.


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